Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Our Most Commonly Asked Questions

What makes High Return Real Estate unique?

  • We simply have better deals…period!  We provide stronger CAP rates and cash flow than other TurnKey firms.  Our major competitors offer returns in the 6-11% range.  Most of our properties will return 12-17%, after all expenses.
  • We provide our investors unbiased counseling, advice, and data.  We will always encourage you to look at the numbers, and do what makes sense for you.
  • We are investors ourselves.  We will help you avoid costly mistakes,  Everything we do is with an investor’s mentality.

What criteria do you use for your investment opportunities?

  • Our properties must be in growing US markets, where there is a diversified economy.
  • Our properties must produce a healthy, positive cash-flow.
  • Our properties must not be based solely on appreciation (speculation) potential.
  • Our properties must be identical to what we invest in ourselves.
  • Our properties must be at or below fair market value.

Do you have financing available?

  • All properties are initially sold for cash, and are priced accordingly.  
  • Many of our properties are perfect investments for self-directed retirement accounts such as IRAs and 401(k)s.
  • If you are not in a position to pay cash, we can refer you to lenders who can offer up-front unsecured cash.
  • We can also recommend lenders who offer cash-out refinances after a brief seasoning period.

Do you offer professional property management for clients?

  • We partner with only the best professional local property managers to protect your investment. Their only goal is to make your investment as hands-off and as profitable as possible. Because we work intimately with these teams, we maintain ongoing oversight and diligence on their performance, and have processes in place that are geared specifically towards TurnKey investors.  The teams we partner with have extremely low vacancy rates, and a very aggressive time-to-rent schedule.  They offer an online portal…you’ll have complete transparency of all activity on your investment property.  And, although we recommend them, you are not obligated to use these property managers.  You are free to change companies at any time.

What kind of properties do you have available?

  • We offer investors fully rehabbed and rent ready single family and multi-family properties. On rare occasion, we offer distressed properties that can be purchased at a lower cost and rehabbed by our construction team.  We also offer new construction homes designed to capture the best renters, and provide the lowest future cost.
  • Most of the properties that we offer have tenants in place and are cash flow positive and performing from day one! As such, our properties make sense the day you buy them, and for as long as you decide to keep them. There is nothing that needs to happen in order for the property to be a good investment, building wealth for the long term.

Are there any fees involved?

  • No.  We never charge our investors processing fees, finders fees, or any other kind of fee.
  • Closing costs are paid by the buyer, and will typically cost $950 per property.  This ensures clear title, and proper deed recording of the property.

Do You Offer Any Kind Of Warranty?

  • EVERY property that you purchase from us comes with a complete one-year Home Warranty. You will not have any repair expenses during the first year of ownership.

How do you define a “TurnKey” investment property?

  • The property has been carefully selected with optimal rent capabilities in mind.
  • The property is leased, or in the process of being leased.
  • The property is in a solid, stable neighborhood.
  • The property has been recently renovated, is up to local codes, and is in excellent condition.
  • The property is cash-flow positive, even if leveraged.
  • The property is under professional property management.
  • The property’s rental income is deposited to the owner’s account automatically.
  • The property’s rental and repair activity can be accessed online.