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How to Buy Turnkey Rental Properties

Frequently Asked Questions

How Are You Different From Other Turnkey Rental Property Providers?

  • We invest in YOU. While most companies will just sell you a property, we are intent on helping you develop your own personal wealth plan. Once your plan is in place, we’ll help you fill in the pieces of the puzzle. Rental properties are just one piece of that puzzle.
  • No matter what your experience is in Real Estate Investing, we encourage you to go through our Systematic Wealth Course. This will ensure that you maximize your current resources, minimize your risk, and pay the least amount of taxes possible! You'll also be creating the most amount of cash flow possible…right now, not later. We are aligned with the best experts in the country, and have the resources and education to allow you to Create Wealth Systematically.

How Does The Buying Process Work?

  • We are a privately held company, and insist on doing business with investors who appreciate us for our systems and transparency
  • We do not do business with investors that we haven’t spoken to…period. We seek to establish long-term relationships, based on mutual respect and understanding. Having direct conversations allows us to determine if we’re a good fit for you, and if you’re a good fit for us.
  • Nearly all investors who purchase from us, start off by subscribing to our “Insiders Club” email list. Being on that list notifies you of deals as they arise, and gives you further insights into how things work in our markets, and further education in the “buy and hold” arena. If you’re not already an “Insider,” you can enroll HERE.
  • Although we don’t require it, we strongly encourage all of our investors to go through our Systematic Wealth Course. This ensures your best overall performance, and makes for a much simpler and streamlined buying process.

Do You Have Financing Available?

  • We have many excellent Strategic Relationships with Private Lenders in our network. Should you decide to take advantage of our Systematic Wealth process, you'll have access to them through the network

What Types Of Properties Do You Have Available?

  • We offer investors “Turnkey” properties – fully rehabbed, rent-ready (and sometimes already tenanted) single family homes and duplexes in stable, working class neighborhoods.
  • In some cases, we will manage the acquisition and rehab on your behalf. This will allow you to take advantage of significant tax write offs, and maximize your forced equity. NOTE: This program is only available to investors who are members of the Systematic Wealth Network.
  • To see what may be available currently, check out our PROPERTIES PAGE.

Do You Offer A Warranty on Turnkey Rental Properties?

  • Yes…On “Turnkey” properties only. Our Turnkey properties go through the most rigorous Quality Control processes in the industry. They are fully inspected by an independent, licensed, 3rd-party Inspector. Then, they go through a final habitability test by our Property Management team. As such, you are very well protected from large Cap-Ex items that may come up. Even so, we’ve found that once a tenant is placed, some minor issues may still arise. Since these issues typically come up in the first 30 days of tenancy, we include a “Tenant-Proof” Warranty on all of our Turnkey properties at no additional charge. To review a sample copy of our warranty, please click HERE.

Do You Have A Referral Program?

  • YES! As a result of positive experiences, many of our clients refer other investors to us.
  • See how our referral program works HERE.

What Criteria Do You Use For Rental Property Investment Opportunities?

  • The properties must be in growing US markets, where there is a diversified economy
  • The properties must be able to produce a very healthy, positive cash-flow.
  • The properties must be identical to what we invest in ourselves.

Do You Offer Professional Property Management on Turnkey Rental Properties?

  • Yes, we partner with fully licensed professional Property Management teams that have extensive experience in the markets that we service. Working together, we have developed systems with extremely low vacancy rates, and very aggressive time-to-rent schedules.
  • In certain markets and property types, our management teams will manage Short Term and Medium Term Rentals, as well as Long Term Rentals.
  • Our Property Management team’s sole focus is servicing private investors. There are systems in place that are unavailable through other management companies.
  • You’ll have access to an online portal that is the best in the industry… giving you complete transparency and full access to all activities related to your investment properties. You’ll have access to an online portal that is the best in the industry… giving you complete transparency and full access to all activities related to your investment properties.
  • Although we recommend using our partners, you are not obligated to use our property managers. You are free to change companies at any time. There are no lengthy contracts.
  • Our management partnerships allow your investments to be as hands-off and profitable as possible.

Are There Any Fees Involved Turnkey Rental Properties?

  • Because our properties are sold off-market, there are no realtors commissions, or additional markups.
  • You pay normal closing costs, and will see all line items on your closing statement before funding. We use only reputable 3rd party title companies, who guarantee you clear title, and properly record the deed for your property.

How Do You Define A TurnKey Rental Investment Property?

  • The property has been specifically acquired and rehabbed systematically, to achieve optimal rents and performance.
  • The property is in a solid, stable neighborhood.
  • The property has been inspected by a licensed 3rd party inspector.
  • The property has been renovated to exacting standards, and any pertinent remaining items on the independent inspection report have been cured.
  • There is an additional layer of Quality Control to make sure that the property meets proper habitability standards.
  • The property is cash-flow positive, even with most leveraged situations.
  • The property is under professional property management.
  • The property’s rental income is deposited to the owner’s account automatically.
  • The property’s performance, including all rental and repair activity, can easily be accessed and tracked through an online portal.

Do You Offer Volume Discounts?

  • YES! If you are buying 3 or more properties, all closing at the same time, please let us know, and we’ll reward you with special pricing considerations.

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