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FARRM Properties

Find, Acquire, Rehab, Rent, Manage.

The FARRM Program is our most popular, and is unequaled by any other provider. It is a complete Done-For-You Solution…


  • Use our buying power to get better deals.

We have done over 400 deals in Indianapolis, and have a reputation for following through on purchases. This means, when we make an offer, it is taken seriously, and allows us to negotiate more aggressively, ending up in better deals.

  • Use our special buying matrix.

We have developed a list of criteria that has proven over time to be a winning formula. This goes beyond just price-to-rent ratios, and takes into consideration the potential for appreciation, and the stability of renters in a particular neighborhood. Improved stability and appreciation can make a huge difference in profitability over time.

  • Reduce your tax obligations.

When you purchase a property that needs work, or has potential for additional beds/baths, owning the property while the repairs are made can have a significant impact on your tax burden. While additional tax strategies may be used, our construction and management teams provide the line item details that your tax professional needs to file proper cost-segregation reports.

  • Get your rehab done correctly.

We’ve been doing rehabs and repairs in Indianapolis since 2016. Over that time, we have developed many beneficial relationships with professional crews that get the job done right..the first time. We also have an additional layer of management to ensure quality control.

  • Get the best Property Management.

We have equity in a professional property management firm in Indianapolis that we use for our own portfolio. They are fair, friendly, professional, responsive, and have a deep understanding of investor’s needs.

  • Get the best lending.

If you are not already pre-approved, we have lenders that know our processes well, and can work with you to get very competitive financing terms.

  • Leverage our network.

We have equity in a tax firm, and have seasoned tax strategists that can help you reduce your tax burden significantly. Additionally, key members of our team are licensed real estate agents, and can help you determine future values and give assistance if you ever need to sell your property

Here are some sample FARRM properties. These are typical of the type of
properties we will help you acquire and develop…

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