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EPISODE #39 – The Opposite of Turnkey With Pete and Isaac Barrow

Pete & Isaac Barrow are a father/son team that do it all. They have a …

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EPISODE #38 – How To Make Way More Money By Doing The Opposite Of Everyone Else With MC Laubscher

MC Laubscher is a wealth strategist, educator, and financial freedom fighter. He is President and …

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HRRE Podcast #37 – The Best Real Estate Interview Ever! With Joe Fairless

Joe is one of the biggest icons in the RE Investing space. He is a …

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HRRE Podcast #36 – How Not To Get Sued With Scott Royal Smith

Scott “Royal” Smith Esq. is the owner of Royal Legal Solutions in Austin, TX. He …

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HRRE Podcast #35 – How The Media Can Influence Your Investing Decisions With Nick Raithel

Nick Raithel is a Media expert, and the creator of The 7-Hour Book. In this …

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HRRE Podcast # 34 – Making Mobile Home Park Investing Sexy With Jefferson Lilly

Jefferson is a self-made millionaire, mobile home park investment expert, educator, and industry consultant. Park …

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HRRE Podcast #33 – How To Get Cash Out Of Your Home Equity WITHOUT A Loan – With Matthew Sullivan

Matthew Sullivan is the CEO and founder of QuantmRE, a crpytocurrency startup that supports homeowners …

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Episode Podcast #32 – Perfecting the Cash out Refi with Shawn Huss_audio

This is THE Episode for Investors Looking For A COMPLETE Understanding Of How Cash-Out Refi's …

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HRRE Podcast #31 – How To Find The Right Turnkey Company

The Definitive Answer! Jack and Shecky dive deep into the the real world of Turnkey…the …

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