Episode #27 – What I Learned From Interviewing 150 Landlords

Jack sits down with Dan Lane, host of the famous Rental Income PodcastAs an experienced investor and realtor, Dan interviews hundreds of landlords nationwide to learn best-practices and educate listeners.  For anyone trying to break into real estate or optimize their cashflow, this is mandatory listening!

Join us for another great episode!

Here's what you'll learn…


  • The Story Of Dan Lane, The “Accidental Landlord”
  • The Five Biggest Takeaways From 150 Landlords
  • The Pros And Cons Of The BRRRR Method
  • How To Know Your Niche And Your Market
  • Big Vs. Small Portfolios: Which Is Riskier?
  • When And Where To Leverage Real Estate
  • How To Buy Cash Properties Without Cash
  • Strategies For Getting Free And Clear With Mortgages
  • The Number One Mistake Investors Make (As Told By Investors)






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