Jack sits down with Dan Lane, host of the famous Rental Income Podcast. As an experienced investor and realtor, Dan interviews hundreds of landlords nationwide to learn best-practices and educate listeners.  For anyone trying to break into real estate or optimize their cashflow, this is mandatory listening!

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Here's what you'll learn…


  • The Story Of Dan Lane, The “Accidental Landlord”
  • The Five Biggest Takeaways From 150 Landlords
  • The Pros And Cons Of The BRRRR Method
  • How To Know Your Niche And Your Market
  • Big Vs. Small Portfolios: Which Is Riskier?
  • When And Where To Leverage Real Estate
  • How To Buy Cash Properties Without Cash
  • Strategies For Getting Free And Clear With Mortgages
  • The Number One Mistake Investors Make (As Told By Investors)






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