Scott “Royal” Smith Esq. is the owner of Royal Legal Solutions in Austin, TX. He runs one of the top asset protection companies for real estate investors in the country. In order to develop strategies to maximize tax savings and protect from devastating lawsuits, Scott invested several years deconstructing real estate investing. His legal career started in high stakes litigation, and Scott personally holds real estate investments in 10 states. Scott's firm provides niche advice for over 29,000 real estate investors, representing most U.S. states, with holdings of over $4.5 billion!

This show is a TREASURE of information! So, often we get questions surrounding entities, LLC vs personal, titling, etc. Of course, it's always about Asset Protection. In this Episode, we do a deep dive into these issues…
– The Top 6 Ways Investors Lose Their Fortune
– How To Protect All Of Your Real Estate Holdings From ANY Litigation
– Land Trusts
– Series LLC's…not the same as your typical LLC.
– Estate Planning
– Living Trusts
– Shell Companies

Scott also makes a heck of an offer for FREE services at the end of the show…make sure to listen all the way through!


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