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Episode #30 – Socially Conscious Real Estate Investing with Eddie Lorin

This is THE Episode For Investors That Want To Create Wealth AND Change The World At The Same Time! We have an in-depth conversation with the amazing Eddie Loren, who's been “consciously investing” for 30 YEARS. In this episode, you'll learn…

  • How To Do Deals That Make You Money & Impact The Entire Neighborhood
  • What To Put Into Your Properties To Create A Sense Of Community, AND Keep Lower Income Residents Happy, And Paying Their Rents ON TIME
  • How To Make “Affordable Housing” VERY Profitable
  • How To Leverage Local & National Non-Profit Agencies To Help Your Tenants Have A Better Life
  • The Upcoming $40 TRILLION Wealth Transfer And How It Impacts Real Estate
  • The Secret To NOAH – Naturally Occuring Affordable Housing


Visit WWW.ImpactHousing.Com to learn how Eddie is rejuvenating communities around the country.

Read episode transcript here- https://hrre.egnyte.com/dl/p4RHEOmDGT


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