This is THE Episode For Investors That Want To Create Wealth AND Change The World At The Same Time! We have an in-depth conversation with the amazing Eddie Loren, who's been “consciously investing” for 30 YEARS. In this episode, you'll learn…

  • How To Do Deals That Make You Money & Impact The Entire Neighborhood
  • What To Put Into Your Properties To Create A Sense Of Community, AND Keep Lower Income Residents Happy, And Paying Their Rents ON TIME
  • How To Make “Affordable Housing” VERY Profitable
  • How To Leverage Local & National Non-Profit Agencies To Help Your Tenants Have A Better Life
  • The Upcoming $40 TRILLION Wealth Transfer And How It Impacts Real Estate
  • The Secret To NOAH – Naturally Occuring Affordable Housing


Visit WWW.ImpactHousing.Com to learn how Eddie is rejuvenating communities around the country.

Read episode transcript here-


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