Episode #29- The Great Funding Argument – Commercial VS Conventional Loans

Jack and Shecky have a very frank and in-depth discussion about how you should really fund your purchases. This episode is for any investor who wants to understand exactly where he or she stands in terms of titling, leverage, equity, terms and business structure. There's a TON of great content in this one, where you'll learn…

  • The Difference Between Conventional And Commercial Loans
  • What Loan Is Best For Your Investment
  • How To Title Your Properties For Maximum Lendability
  • Recourse VS Non-Recourse Loans
  • Corporate Structures And Asset Protection
  • Bundle (Portfolio) Loans VS Individual Mortgages
  • How To Get Mentorship To Guide You Through This Process

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View episode transcript here- https://hrre.egnyte.com/dl/aw6EccPOgM