Episode #59 – The Difference Between A Turnkey PROMOTER And A Turnkey PROVIDER

Learn and understand what's happening behind the scene in the Turnkey industry. Don’t miss this conversation with Marco Santarelli.

As you shop for a Turnkey property, you may not know exactly who actually prepared the property for you. So we decided to invite Marco Santarelli on our show to pull the curtains back on what's happening in the Turnkey industry.

Marco has been in the Turnkey space for 14 years, and has seen a lot of different cycles and works with a lot of providers across the country.

In this candid conversation, you'll learn what PROMOTERS look for when they're shopping for a PROVIDER, so you can be better armed to make buying decisions.

Marco brings a fresh perspective, and definitely has a passion for helping people, and it really comes through in this interview!

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