Why Are You Called “High Return Real Estate?” Are Your Deals That Much Better?

  • In A Word…YES.
  • Other providers routinely charge $10,000-$30,000 more for similar properties…without the stringent rehab criteria that we adhere to. Additionally, there are many one-off sellers trying to match our pricing with properties that would never pass our Quality Control processes.
  • We prepare properties for a few other Turnkey Promoters (not Providers). Those properties are sold to their investors with another layer of markup… that pricing is significantly higher than what you’ll see on our site.
  • By purchasing directly from us, you are only paying one markup. That markup is kept small by our economies of scale, relationships, and tight processes. There are no additional layers of marketing fees tacked on, whether from another provider, or an “educational network.”
  • When you compare our transparency, quality, and ROI, you will find that we provide more value than anyone else in the marketplace.

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