Do You Offer Professional Property Management?

  • Yes, we have partnered with a fully licensed professional Property Management company that has extensive experience in this asset class. They maintain offices (and licenses) in many major markets in the US, and have local teams in all of the markets that we service.
  • Working together, we have developed a system with extremely low vacancy rates, and a very aggressive time-to-rent schedule.
  • Our Property Management partners are fully geared towards servicing private investors, with systems in place that are disruptive to the status quo. As an example, we have been able to completely eliminate ALL markup on repairs and tenant turns…something completely unheard of in the industry!
  • We have complete oversight over the property management process, and work closely with our partners on rehab processes and leasing strategies to develop the best overall performance for your properties.
  • You’ll have access to an online portal that is the best in the industry… giving you complete transparency and full access to all activities related to your investment properties.
  • Our strategic alliance is the most effective way to manage and protect your properties. You have a team of experts working on your behalf, doing what they do best.
  • Our partnership creates a seamless transition for you…from purchase to performance.
  • Although we recommend using our partners, you are not obligated to use our property managers. You are free to change companies at any time. There are no lengthy contracts.
  • Our management partnership allows your investment to be as hands-off and profitable as possible.

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